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Nike presents LeBron 8 PS signature shoe

Nike LeBron 8 PS

Nike presents LEBRON 8 PS, LeBron James’ first signature shoe featuring Hyperfuse construction. This kind of construction provides strong and lightweight lockdown support with a unique breathable quality difficult to attain in high-performance basketball footwear. It sheds 1.5 ounces from the regular season model (U.S. Men’s Size 9), making a statement as the 82-game season comes to a close and the playoffs begin. By creating a shoe that is lightweight, supportive, breathable and durable, the LEBRON 8 PS is the perfect weapon for the sprint at the end of the marathon, when the smallest detail can make all the difference.

″Heading into the final stretch of the season, the LEBRON 8 PS mirrors my evolving game as
strength and endurance are tested,″ said James. ″The lion symbol on the tongue of all three
versions of my eighth signature shoe keep me hungry and focused each time I lace up.″

Jason Petrie designed the LEBRON 8 series and collaborated closely with LeBron for the three-art series. ″One of the main things LeBron and I talked about early on was how do we develop a series of shoes that syncs with the change in his body and in his game over the course of the season, especially as he moves from the regular season into the intense and critical post-season,″ said Petrie. ″LeBron found success in the first two LEBRON 8 shoes and
we want to make sure we give him every advantage as he enters this intensified last run of the
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